Carrizozo Music Presents the Altura Winds

I love performing Chamber Music. This will ring true in my heart for as long as I live. There is something special about sharing the stage with friends and family that cannot be found in the spotlight.  Believe me, I am a spotlight performer, too!

The Pops Music series in Carrizozo, NM, formerly known as the “Music in the Parks” is the summer portion of the Carrizozo Music Series. This beautiful little town of approximately 1000 people really knows how to put on a fantastic evening of music and community.  I had the opportunity to perform as a Woodwind Quintet this past fall and got to come back with Altura Winds this past Friday, July 25th.   Our bassoonist Stefanie Przybylska asked me towards the end of the spring semester if I had the date available and I absolutely could not wait to return!  The performances take place at Trinity United Methodist church and a community potluck reception is held afterwards for patrons and musicians.

We prepared well over an hours worth of music including Rags by Joplin, a Mexican Suite,  and some light classical tunes sure to be recognized by most.  The day was a hot one and the church took awhile to cool down. We rehearsed briefly before dinner at a quaint little cafe run by a husband and wife pair. The husband really enjoyed talking with the patrons and the wife’s cooking was fantastic. They customized a vegan dish for me and my guest, and boasted only using “real food”. When we got our salad we could see that they meant a real assortment of veggies including squash and broccoli …just the way I like my salad!

By the time we returned for the performances the church had only slightly cooled. Luckily the air was left on because I am sure I have not sweat like that since the Louisiana Bayou Tours of my AWSO days (2006-2008).  Those days sure prepared me to remember how to wipe my face on every 2-measure rest opportunity that arose! My flute was sliding around my face constantly!

After the concert we spoke with the attendees and had some lovely refreshments. This is my favorite part of any gig. I love getting to hear the stories of the people who took the time out to hear me perform. There were people from all over the country in attendance.  The farthest traveler we had was from New York City.

On the way home, my friend and I stopped off of State Route 380 to stargaze. The Milky Way popped out of the sky as soon as a stepped out of the car and the stars literally took my breath away. We watched a few satellites and a few shooting stars before driving back to Albuquerque. All in all, we made music, we had a wonderful time, and we had fun: a perfect recipe for a great memory! Altura Winds


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