Day 1

1 down 29 to go.

Well I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t craving more than a reasonable portion of apple and almond butter for my afternoon snack, but Day 1 is in the books.  Today I had to step on the dreaded scale, something I haven’t done in over year, and the numbers were high for me and painful to see, but not totally off the charts. I had to take measurements today and even though the scale number was higher than I’d like the measurements didn’t totally shock me. I’m not doing this detox to lose weight, but I’m doing it because I miss that healthier me who had the drive to train for a marathon even in the midst of strife.  I made a tomato soup and had a vegan/gf cheese quesadilla for dinner – the recipe said grilled cheese (still vegan/gf, but the bread the suggested was not vegan. Not that I am a strict vegan – MPE will tell you all day long the truth in that. The dinner was delicious. Actually everything today was delicious.

Breakfast was 1 vanilla shake with 1/2 bag of frozen veggies, daily fiber, and almond milk.

snack was apple and almond butter

Lunch was a chocolate shake with water and digestion plus

snack was a handful of raw pumpkin seeds

Dinner was the tomato soup and quesadilla.

I’ve had more tea than I’ve had in a while with some lemon, lots of water, and more of a mental game with not having coffee.

I won’t do this everyday. Really, I’m not one for sharing every detail but the gist of what I’m doing is laid out now.  Dishwasher is loaded and waiting for our company to arrive. We have a dog pal over for G for the next 4 days and 2 of my dearest friends are making their way through the ABQ.   I taught for 7 hours today, but have tomorrow off of lessons while I learn more about my venture with Arbonne and have my first launch.  I’m ready to sleep and learn more.

Happy Monday!


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