A New Adventure



It has been a long while since I’ve shared much of my life with you but it is a new year and I’m going to be venturing into some scary uncharted territory. I am creating a few new blog categories because along the way of creating my Studio and developing my professional footprint, I’ve always believed that our minds and bodies need to be healthy in order to better execute our life pursuits.This past year for me has been about developing my mental health. Some drastic, emotionally/mentally damaging changes happened prior to this year and I took the time to really hone in on healing those wounds. I’m not much for talking about my emotions publicly, but I’m very happy to share stories of overcoming battles. That was exactly what 2015 was for me. Through that journey, I was lucky enough to have a companion and a strong family and friend support, and I must not forget my loyal student families. I am overwhelmed with how wonderful the people I have near to me really are to me.

This year I am embarking to up my physical health back to where it was before the demise of my ability to cope with my emotions and use this as a way of helping others reach those milestones as well.

I want to share with you 15 things I have learned through this journey:

1. You have felt no pain like one to come in your future.
2. You have felt no disappointment like one to come in your future.
3. You have felt no joy like one to come in your future.
4. You have felt no love like one to come in your future.
5. You will lose someone and it will hurt worse than anything you have ever felt.
6. You will miss that someone for the rest of your living existence.
7. You will meet someone that brings great satisfaction to your life.
8. You may lose that person, too.
9. or they may be the one to help you through some of your darkest moments.
10. You can accomplish more than you believe you can.
11. You can accomplish  more with an open mind, willingness to learn, and kindness than you ever will be able to with a closed mind or a mean spirit.
12. You are worth every breath you take.
13. You’re work isn’t done here on this earth until the universe, God, or whatever drive you have inside of you decides it is.
14. So perhaps it’s time to slow down, smell the roses, and listen to your heart.
15. If someone outside of you can see deeper into your heart and soul than you can, you need to spend some time alone looking that deeply into yourself.

 With all this in mind here are a few of the things I’m doing that I will share with you:
1. Starting tomorrow January 4th, 2016 – I am starting a 30 day cleanse with Arbonne’s 30days to a healthier you.
2. I have become an Arbonne Independent Consultant and will be launching my business with them here in Albuquerque over the next week. http://DanielleFrabutt.Arbonne.com
3. I joined a wonderful Gym with My Prince (we’re going to call him MPE from now on)  with a 12 month contract so there is no backing out now.
4. MPE bought me a fitbit  for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it -he may be regretting this currently and I swear I’ll become less obsessed with it, soon.
5.I have run 2 times this year (pretty good for only being 3 days in), this also means I’m planning on training for some longer distance races, something I haven’t done in about 2 years.
5. I will blog all of these things, along with my studio accomplishments, performance accomplishments and more, if only for myself.

This kitchen has been prepped for this week of shakes and clean eating and the alarm has been set. Let’s not forget that launch a new business, start studio lessons this week and  I have a 4-legged guest and a couple of 2-leggers visiting. 

 Cheers! and Happy 2016




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