Day 2 – 28 to go

I am so glad I moved all my students from today to yesterday; yet after teaching them yesterday and receiving a 4-legged furry friend and waiting up for 2 2-legged friends, I was exhausted most of the morning! So exhausted and so drained from my detox and my long day yesterday, I experienced “the symptoms”.  

I had my first shake this morning and decided not to but extra veggies/fruits and then went to my staff meeting.  By the end of the 2 hour long meeting, I was pretty much just staring, having a slight headache and not able to see past the clouds in my mind. I came home and ate a salad with, had another shake and snacked on my brown rice crackers and hummus. Slightly averting the headache and cloudiness.  After Arbonne launch/presentation 1, I picked up MPE had some dinner and went back to the 2nd presentation. By the time we got 1/2way through the 2nd presentation/training, I turned to MPE and exclaimed, “I feel amazing”. Who knows? Was it the toxins ridding themselves or my adrenaline rushing through, but I felt better and excited for the future!  

This detox is about ridding your body of foods and chemicals that cause it to work less efficiently. This chart, compiled by an Arbonne detox coach, includes the avoid and the approved list: 

 I really can’t wait to keep sharing this journey. 


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