Day 5 – 25 to go

MPE and I have been reading from the book “Rumi Day by Day” by Maryam Mafi. In the book there are 365 entries, each no longer than a couple sentences but evoking some inner thought. Yesterday’s reminded me how much we just keep trading our precious time here on earth for money…

7. “How can I reach for the heavenly skies when all day long I am bound up in the pursuit of earthly profits, fearful of losing everything, unable to let joy into my life?”

and for the reminder we all need to hear sometimes:

8. “Speech is both fire and nourishment an endless bounty and at the same time a ravaging pestilence. Be wary of your speech.”

Really, shouldn’t we all?

Today I woke up cranky. Now, I’ve been feeling great the last two days and really full of energy (especially in the evenings); however, I really wanted to wake up in my own time this morning but the weather had some other plans.  It was cold, and snowy, and icy, and the doorhandles on the car MPE were totally frozen and Mr. California doesn’t know how to de-ice like those of us who had to deal with it all winter long. Since he woke me up asking for a ride all I wanted the who drive there was a cup of coffee. And when I got home, I still wanted that cup of coffee. Well, when I decide to do something I go all in and guess what?  I stood strong. I was not about to break to that cup of coffee, but man was I grumpy about it.

In the 30 day challenge FB group there had been a few postings about having the chocolate shake hot -like a hot chocolate.  I had yet to try this so I decided to grab one of my favorite mugs, fill it up half way with almond milk, heat it up in two 15 second increments and use my little frothing wand (a wand I bought from world market a few years ago to make milk froth for like 1.99),  I added one scoop of the chocolate protein powder, (the wand still stirring and frothing), and topped it off with hot water. I had 2 of these this morning and it was just like a normal morning. No, it didn’t taste like coffee, it tasted like extra creamy hot chocolate and I felt like the adult I always dreamed I’d be when I was a kid and my mom was serving me Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Ok, that one is kind of a lie, I loved Cream of Wheat growing up.

After I stopped being grumpy about not having coffee and moved on with my day, I felt great. I had lots of energy and enjoyed some time at the gym and even made another dinner this week. I know at some point in the near future dinner and food will be harder to manage, but that is my resolution as well: Take care of myself by ensuring I eat well throughout the day, no matter how crazy it gets.

 You see, hot chocolate for breakfast!

These protein shakes are for EVERYONE! and I mean EVERYONE when I say EVERYONE. Just for starters, they are vegan/plant-based, Gluten Free, Soy Free, GMO Free and delicious! I also tried the Vanilla one today with just water and I was much happier with it’s taste and texture.  If you want to know more about this message me. Arbonne is the company, I’ve been looking for and I’m excited to join this fantastic group of people around the world!



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