Day 8 – 22 to go

Yesterday was the last day of Week 1 and I want to recap my week –

Day 1 I was super nervous but I was ready to go. I made a mistake of working out too much (for the beginning).
Day 2 I felt like absolute garbage all day. I felt like a truck hit me. I felt like my head was going to explode. I was walking around in a fog and really wanted to nap and/or drink something with caffeine in it. Then around 7:30pm the fog lifted.
Day 3 I felt great and had lots of energy and this has continued till today. I wasn’t sure if that “awful” feeling would come back so I proceeded with caution.
Day 5  I started working out again and was getting really excited to do this.
Day 6&7, I had a working weekend, and didn’t touch the coffee or snacks that everyone kept talking about.  I’ve got this….

Honestly, I absolutely feel so great and energetic and wonderful, and there are probably  a lot of adjectives I can add here but that would be redundant. 🙂

The first observation I’m going to comment on is a problem worth having. I have so much energy and am being super productive. However, with this mass amounts of energy along with the approach of a super packed couple of months, I am having the worst time falling asleep. There are so many thoughts and scenarios running through my head when I lay down.  A goal of mine for this year is to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier.  There is nothing better than waking up early (and feeling good about it) and being alone in the dusk-light hours of the day. So I’m a little bummed I’m getting a second wind late at night because I’d like to build this up. It will happen, I hope.

The second problem I’m having is totally personal to me and my body. I do NOT digest protein very easily. A couple years ago I had a Live Blood Analysis done, which is the coolest thing ever and I highly recommend doing this -it’s like a blueprint of your body as it is in that very moment. It is not invasive and immediate, as in you are looking at your blood along with the reader in a microscope.  I discovered during this Live Blood Analysis that my red blood cells were moving along together like little caterpillars whereas our red blood cells should be free floating in our plasma and not really touching.  This isn’t a horrible analysis but definitely something to watch and understand. My blood reader told me that this is related to the fact that my body probably doesn’t make enough stomach acid to digest fats and proteins very easily.  So move back to today and this cleanse and the high amount of protein I’m intaking. This weekend I decided to start taking my Betaine HCI with every meal and Today I decided to eat 2 apples a day.  We’ll see how week three goes, which is when we add in the 7-day cleanse.  I mean, for someone wanting to be healthy and fit, the inability to digest protein easily is a bit of an ironic anomaly.

This weekend we bought the Week 2 grocery list and made some quinoa and black bean burgers for a few friends. They were very delicious but we forgot to make the quinoa ahead of time so they were more like, quinoa and black bean fall-apart bites on salad. Still, absolutely delicious.

Last night we went to our gym and soaked in the spa and I felt like I was getting  a good night’s rest. That was until Guinness woke up scratching and flapping his ears. I had to address some of his issues but was feeling good still about my sleep. Until I had to wake up 2 hours later.

Today I was supposed to weigh-in and measure up.  I’ve lost 4lbs this week and not much in inches but I can feel things changing up inside of me. That’s pretty cool especially with my issue.  I’m starting to get my groove in my workout and have found that being on the bike/stairmaster is the best time to be listening to some webinars and Arbonne training materials.  It’s thrilling to think that I’m making strides to get myself back on track to where I’d like to see  future me being happy, healthy, fit and successful.


On to Week 2!! ❤


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