Day 10 – 20 to go

Today was the first day that I felt hunger in the middle of the day and when I was done teaching. It wasn’t crazy hunger but a “Hi, it’s time to eat something, you are going too long in between consumption” sort of hunger. I also think it may have  bit of phantom hunger from the amount of stress creeping its way back into my life.

In the fall, MPE told me I needed to get better about eating and taking care of myself. Granted, I eat and I am in no way malnourished, but I go huge stretches of day without eating, I panic eat because I don’t know when the next meal will be, and I don’t carry food with me near as often as I should.  The first week of this was easy because I was able to prepare these meals and make the shakes, etc. The challenge starts Friday and will continue the remainder of this plan.

Friday, I took an overnight teaching gig. I asked MPE to help me out tonight while I was teaching and prepare me for this by shopping for a few things. One of those was a shaker with the wire shaker ball (official term?).  If I’m going to be at a camp, making my shakes is going to be a bit of a challenge…

Sunday we are going to a Hot Spring Hotel in Truth or Consequences, NM. Tuesday my afternoon teaching gig begins. I’ve got some more planning to do.



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