Day 25 -5 left

 Wait… Ok what? yes, I meant to write again but time is FLYING by. It is a bit insane how crazy my days get in the middle of the Symphony Season and Spring School semester. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE everything I do, but when I look at a calendar and go wait it’s the **th day? oh, well then I guess I need to really try and schedule that downtime.

I wanted to take about Week 3.  Week 3 was the 7-day Body Cleanse. It was highly anticipated and for a good reason. This is a packet of liquid cleansing ingredients and is added to about 33 oz of water. (I used the smart water bottle method and just added it to that so I didn’t have to think about how much water I was supposed to add). It is considered gentle because you drink it throughout the day rather than chugging the whole   supplement. The first day was on our drive back from Truth or Consequences, NM so I drank it VERY slowly…Just. In. Case.

The rest of the week I became braver. They say, the more acidic you are the more bitter it tastes at the beginning and then it should mellow out in a couple days. I didn’t mind the flavor at all from the beginning but I definitely felt it changing flavor. It isn’t like the packets are labeled day 1 – 7, and I’m pretty sure I grabbed from all over, so I believe it.

I felt detox-y again. That is how my other friend doing this 30 day challenge and I classify it. The achey-ness, some of the cloudiness and some of the tiredness. It wasn’t as unbearable as Day 2, though – I mentioned that, right? Day 2 was awful!  These came in waves as I drank more or less at a time. I still got up and went to the gym and would get that burst of energy.  And there was nothing unbearable about the mid-month more intense detox.

Up next, I’m thinking about what am I going to do next week when I don’t have this plan. When my eating isn’t all spelled out for me? I still feel the stressors of my extremely full day making me want to come home and eat all the food, even though all the food is on the  healthy side of things.  I definitely want more of my Chocolate protein, the vanilla has grown on me as long as I mix it in, and then I started mixing Chocolate and Vanilla and that was like a Chai drink -without the spiciness.  I guess we have 5 days before I tell you the end results of the entire 30 days. I’m excited!

Who’s up for the challenge? Who wants that extra energy and that control in their life? I know I loved it and would love to help you, too!



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