Love is in the air

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, I guess I should say happy day after Valentine’s Day and happy Presidents’ Day! I was really hoping to update yesterday on our weekend and the first 5K that I have run in quite some time. However, that 5K are really kicked me while I was down so today it is. 

Saturday I hosted a pre-Valentine’s Day weekend event that included mud masks and mimosas! It was pretty awesome, we also indulged in some delicious berry and chocolate breakfast goodness. All vegan, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the pampering! The more Arbonne product I test out the more I’m really loving getting to share these products with everyone else. Send me a message to learn how I can set you up with getting some free product of your own to try!

Our next 30 day challenge has started, today! So that means our countdown is also starting. Day 1, 29 to go! This time around, I’m coaching a great group of people through their 30 day challenge while embarking on it again myself. One of them being my own boyfriend, who watched in first degree the changes that took place with me. This morning, I sent him on his way with his goodies for the day. Unfortunately this weekend really took a toll on our schedule so we need to do some grocery shopping for the rest of the week.  The 2 weeks in between were a little rough on me, too. I am for sure back at it with a vengeance!

There are 5 of us in this group this and each person has the drive and motivation to really rock it. I’m so thrilled to be their coach on this because I can’t wait to see their changes!

As far as marathon training goes: Today started week 3 of training! I had to swap yesterday’s long run for today as I did my first 5k in a few years, probably ran too hard, and didn’t rehydrate well enough and BAM, dehydration migraine. When I got home yesterday, I did recognize the symptoms and forwent running the extra 4 miles. Now, I’m wondering had I decided to do keep hydrating with water and my phytosport would I have made it through the 4. Today, I ran 7 miles and it was beautiful. I feel fantastic! So far my mileage building is going well and nutrition building is making so much sense.

Tomorrow will be a nice easy swim day and Wednesday will be its usual rest for the body but not for the mind. My working day endurance is certainly dwindling, too.  The sun is rising earlier here in NM and I think that is going to be VERY helpful to kicking some of the  rut.
My stepfather is a Dolly Parton  fanatic. I’d like to share with you the card I made for him for Valentine’s Day. Even if it’s a day late, I hope you were able to spend it surrounded with those that you love the most!



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