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No More Program… — February 3, 2016

No More Program…

Well here we are 30 days done and over with, but you better believe I’ve got some plans on the horizon and I’m VERY excited.

I started my 18 week “easy” marathon training plan this week. I am running Monday, Thursday, Friday, & Sunday. I know this is a bit of an unorthodox plan, but due to my schedule it gives me some freedom to move somethings around. Wednesdays are my extremely busy days (8:15 – 8:30 at least) so I decided I needed a rest day there. Saturday is a choice day (swim/rest, etc), and Sundays are the long run days.  I’m hoping for my hiking and being outdoors, although today really made me glad I have the gym membership as it was so cold all day.

Oooh… you need to see what arrived:

This is Arbonne’s Phytosport line. It has a pre-workout, during workout hydration, and post-workout recovery. Being that as the heat ramps up I tend to not absorb water well and need the electrolytes, and that  I am training this race as a vegan/vegetarian for the first time, I am looking forward to using these products and having them help me. The last marathon I ran I was eating much more meat or dairy protein than I would have liked, but now I feel like I know what I’m doing with my protein intake and am confident in my judgements!

I also got my bag of Chocolate protein to get me through this month and the next few weeks!

Day 22 – 8 to go! — January 25, 2016

Day 22 – 8 to go!

I can’t believe we are here! Week 4.

Every Monday we are supposed to do a “weigh-in” with our coaches. This consists of weight and 2 measurements. Everytime I’ve ever really tried to keep track of those numbers I do about 7 measurements. I’m not giving you start and finish numbers but I’m going to update you on some changes –

I am down 6 lbs
I have lost about 4″ overall.

Well, I wasn’t doing this to lose weight, I was doing this to focus on redirecting my habits and energy. 2 years ago I was going to run my first marathon. With all my life changes and struggles, I also struggled doing something I love best – running and being fit. I wanted to do an half iron man but my mental state was deteriorating. So let’s talk about my mindset and energy levels:

I feel so good. Yes, that feeling…feeling SO good!

I have an almost intense amount of energy – I pair this with my partnership with such an amazing company. I cannot wait to grow with this already ever-growing health and wellness company.

I’ve been waking up early and going to bed earlier. I’ve gone to the gym at 6:30am a few times both weeks and love working out before I start my day. It is beginning to feel more like MY life.

My mind feels clear, which means I’m able to approach things in a clearer and calmer way. I’m able to focus on what needs to be done and how to do it.  I’m able to analyze emotions and stressors and deal with them while figuring out how to ease them. This is HUGE for me, as I have struggled with this my whole life. My ups and downs can be pretty radical. I can’t believe HOW much this has helped me.

Looking forward to sharing more over the next week – The next Arbonne 30 Day Group is February 1st.  There are some amazing things I will be posting on my Arbonne Facebook Page.  I’d love to help you reach your goals, too.

Happy Monday!
 From this weekend when I had already gone 12k steps by 11am
 On the treadmill I noticed the cellphone the most…I remember having a palm phone that looked JUST like that little etching!

Day 10 – 20 to go — January 13, 2016

Day 10 – 20 to go

Today was the first day that I felt hunger in the middle of the day and when I was done teaching. It wasn’t crazy hunger but a “Hi, it’s time to eat something, you are going too long in between consumption” sort of hunger. I also think it may have  bit of phantom hunger from the amount of stress creeping its way back into my life.

In the fall, MPE told me I needed to get better about eating and taking care of myself. Granted, I eat and I am in no way malnourished, but I go huge stretches of day without eating, I panic eat because I don’t know when the next meal will be, and I don’t carry food with me near as often as I should.  The first week of this was easy because I was able to prepare these meals and make the shakes, etc. The challenge starts Friday and will continue the remainder of this plan.

Friday, I took an overnight teaching gig. I asked MPE to help me out tonight while I was teaching and prepare me for this by shopping for a few things. One of those was a shaker with the wire shaker ball (official term?).  If I’m going to be at a camp, making my shakes is going to be a bit of a challenge…

Sunday we are going to a Hot Spring Hotel in Truth or Consequences, NM. Tuesday my afternoon teaching gig begins. I’ve got some more planning to do.


Day 8 – 22 to go — January 11, 2016

Day 8 – 22 to go

Yesterday was the last day of Week 1 and I want to recap my week –

Day 1 I was super nervous but I was ready to go. I made a mistake of working out too much (for the beginning).
Day 2 I felt like absolute garbage all day. I felt like a truck hit me. I felt like my head was going to explode. I was walking around in a fog and really wanted to nap and/or drink something with caffeine in it. Then around 7:30pm the fog lifted.
Day 3 I felt great and had lots of energy and this has continued till today. I wasn’t sure if that “awful” feeling would come back so I proceeded with caution.
Day 5  I started working out again and was getting really excited to do this.
Day 6&7, I had a working weekend, and didn’t touch the coffee or snacks that everyone kept talking about.  I’ve got this….

Honestly, I absolutely feel so great and energetic and wonderful, and there are probably  a lot of adjectives I can add here but that would be redundant. 🙂

The first observation I’m going to comment on is a problem worth having. I have so much energy and am being super productive. However, with this mass amounts of energy along with the approach of a super packed couple of months, I am having the worst time falling asleep. There are so many thoughts and scenarios running through my head when I lay down.  A goal of mine for this year is to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier.  There is nothing better than waking up early (and feeling good about it) and being alone in the dusk-light hours of the day. So I’m a little bummed I’m getting a second wind late at night because I’d like to build this up. It will happen, I hope.

The second problem I’m having is totally personal to me and my body. I do NOT digest protein very easily. A couple years ago I had a Live Blood Analysis done, which is the coolest thing ever and I highly recommend doing this -it’s like a blueprint of your body as it is in that very moment. It is not invasive and immediate, as in you are looking at your blood along with the reader in a microscope.  I discovered during this Live Blood Analysis that my red blood cells were moving along together like little caterpillars whereas our red blood cells should be free floating in our plasma and not really touching.  This isn’t a horrible analysis but definitely something to watch and understand. My blood reader told me that this is related to the fact that my body probably doesn’t make enough stomach acid to digest fats and proteins very easily.  So move back to today and this cleanse and the high amount of protein I’m intaking. This weekend I decided to start taking my Betaine HCI with every meal and Today I decided to eat 2 apples a day.  We’ll see how week three goes, which is when we add in the 7-day cleanse.  I mean, for someone wanting to be healthy and fit, the inability to digest protein easily is a bit of an ironic anomaly.

This weekend we bought the Week 2 grocery list and made some quinoa and black bean burgers for a few friends. They were very delicious but we forgot to make the quinoa ahead of time so they were more like, quinoa and black bean fall-apart bites on salad. Still, absolutely delicious.

Last night we went to our gym and soaked in the spa and I felt like I was getting  a good night’s rest. That was until Guinness woke up scratching and flapping his ears. I had to address some of his issues but was feeling good still about my sleep. Until I had to wake up 2 hours later.

Today I was supposed to weigh-in and measure up.  I’ve lost 4lbs this week and not much in inches but I can feel things changing up inside of me. That’s pretty cool especially with my issue.  I’m starting to get my groove in my workout and have found that being on the bike/stairmaster is the best time to be listening to some webinars and Arbonne training materials.  It’s thrilling to think that I’m making strides to get myself back on track to where I’d like to see  future me being happy, healthy, fit and successful.


On to Week 2!! ❤

Day 5 – 25 to go — January 8, 2016

Day 5 – 25 to go

MPE and I have been reading from the book “Rumi Day by Day” by Maryam Mafi. In the book there are 365 entries, each no longer than a couple sentences but evoking some inner thought. Yesterday’s reminded me how much we just keep trading our precious time here on earth for money…

7. “How can I reach for the heavenly skies when all day long I am bound up in the pursuit of earthly profits, fearful of losing everything, unable to let joy into my life?”

and for the reminder we all need to hear sometimes:

8. “Speech is both fire and nourishment an endless bounty and at the same time a ravaging pestilence. Be wary of your speech.”

Really, shouldn’t we all?

Today I woke up cranky. Now, I’ve been feeling great the last two days and really full of energy (especially in the evenings); however, I really wanted to wake up in my own time this morning but the weather had some other plans.  It was cold, and snowy, and icy, and the doorhandles on the car MPE were totally frozen and Mr. California doesn’t know how to de-ice like those of us who had to deal with it all winter long. Since he woke me up asking for a ride all I wanted the who drive there was a cup of coffee. And when I got home, I still wanted that cup of coffee. Well, when I decide to do something I go all in and guess what?  I stood strong. I was not about to break to that cup of coffee, but man was I grumpy about it.

In the 30 day challenge FB group there had been a few postings about having the chocolate shake hot -like a hot chocolate.  I had yet to try this so I decided to grab one of my favorite mugs, fill it up half way with almond milk, heat it up in two 15 second increments and use my little frothing wand (a wand I bought from world market a few years ago to make milk froth for like 1.99),  I added one scoop of the chocolate protein powder, (the wand still stirring and frothing), and topped it off with hot water. I had 2 of these this morning and it was just like a normal morning. No, it didn’t taste like coffee, it tasted like extra creamy hot chocolate and I felt like the adult I always dreamed I’d be when I was a kid and my mom was serving me Cream of Wheat for breakfast. Ok, that one is kind of a lie, I loved Cream of Wheat growing up.

After I stopped being grumpy about not having coffee and moved on with my day, I felt great. I had lots of energy and enjoyed some time at the gym and even made another dinner this week. I know at some point in the near future dinner and food will be harder to manage, but that is my resolution as well: Take care of myself by ensuring I eat well throughout the day, no matter how crazy it gets.

 You see, hot chocolate for breakfast!

These protein shakes are for EVERYONE! and I mean EVERYONE when I say EVERYONE. Just for starters, they are vegan/plant-based, Gluten Free, Soy Free, GMO Free and delicious! I also tried the Vanilla one today with just water and I was much happier with it’s taste and texture.  If you want to know more about this message me. Arbonne is the company, I’ve been looking for and I’m excited to join this fantastic group of people around the world!


Day 2 – 28 to go — January 5, 2016

Day 2 – 28 to go

I am so glad I moved all my students from today to yesterday; yet after teaching them yesterday and receiving a 4-legged furry friend and waiting up for 2 2-legged friends, I was exhausted most of the morning! So exhausted and so drained from my detox and my long day yesterday, I experienced “the symptoms”.  

I had my first shake this morning and decided not to but extra veggies/fruits and then went to my staff meeting.  By the end of the 2 hour long meeting, I was pretty much just staring, having a slight headache and not able to see past the clouds in my mind. I came home and ate a salad with, had another shake and snacked on my brown rice crackers and hummus. Slightly averting the headache and cloudiness.  After Arbonne launch/presentation 1, I picked up MPE had some dinner and went back to the 2nd presentation. By the time we got 1/2way through the 2nd presentation/training, I turned to MPE and exclaimed, “I feel amazing”. Who knows? Was it the toxins ridding themselves or my adrenaline rushing through, but I felt better and excited for the future!  

This detox is about ridding your body of foods and chemicals that cause it to work less efficiently. This chart, compiled by an Arbonne detox coach, includes the avoid and the approved list: 

 I really can’t wait to keep sharing this journey. 

Day 1 — January 4, 2016

Day 1

1 down 29 to go.

Well I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t craving more than a reasonable portion of apple and almond butter for my afternoon snack, but Day 1 is in the books.  Today I had to step on the dreaded scale, something I haven’t done in over year, and the numbers were high for me and painful to see, but not totally off the charts. I had to take measurements today and even though the scale number was higher than I’d like the measurements didn’t totally shock me. I’m not doing this detox to lose weight, but I’m doing it because I miss that healthier me who had the drive to train for a marathon even in the midst of strife.  I made a tomato soup and had a vegan/gf cheese quesadilla for dinner – the recipe said grilled cheese (still vegan/gf, but the bread the suggested was not vegan. Not that I am a strict vegan – MPE will tell you all day long the truth in that. The dinner was delicious. Actually everything today was delicious.

Breakfast was 1 vanilla shake with 1/2 bag of frozen veggies, daily fiber, and almond milk.

snack was apple and almond butter

Lunch was a chocolate shake with water and digestion plus

snack was a handful of raw pumpkin seeds

Dinner was the tomato soup and quesadilla.

I’ve had more tea than I’ve had in a while with some lemon, lots of water, and more of a mental game with not having coffee.

I won’t do this everyday. Really, I’m not one for sharing every detail but the gist of what I’m doing is laid out now.  Dishwasher is loaded and waiting for our company to arrive. We have a dog pal over for G for the next 4 days and 2 of my dearest friends are making their way through the ABQ.   I taught for 7 hours today, but have tomorrow off of lessons while I learn more about my venture with Arbonne and have my first launch.  I’m ready to sleep and learn more.

Happy Monday!