My Studio Mission: To make music performance and education accessible to all people. I want to share my knowledge of performance, practice and interpretation with anyone who wants to hear or learn music.

Danielle’s Flute Studio (Frabutt Flute Studio) is always accepting new students of any age! Teaching students aged  age 6-80, Danielle has a teaching style that is warm and encouraging.   She personalizes the learning experience to each student while focusing on long term goals of overall growth.  Giving lessons primarily in classical music, she has also taught tin whistle and Irish Flute, Recorder, Native American Flute and other styles of music. She has given classes on breathing, ensemble performance and music theory. She has been teaching for over 12 years and has had over 70 students. Adults and children are always welcomed into a personalized learning experience.

Danielle is available for a variety of educational options. Whether you are interested in private instruction, group classes, clinics, or classroom visits, she can and will try to accommodate your needs.  Danielle has a unique teaching philosophy that encompasses every students desires and abilities to further themselves as a whole musician.  The unique learning patterns that every individual has dissected to create the best learning environment.  In her teaching, she has started flutists as young as 6 years old and as old as, well she’ll keep that confidential. Pretty much: All ages are welcome!

All who are interested in Music Theory, Music history, flute, piccolo, tin whistle, or ethnic flutes; classical, baroque, romantic, 20th/21st century, extend techniques,  Irish, broadway, and many more genres: you are always welcome! She has even taught other instrumentalists the basics of their instruments along with increasing their musical theory knowledge.

Classroom demonstations and visits may be arranged in the same way as lessons! Along with her woodwind trio, Altura Winds, she can provide a short performance and talk on the flute and other instruments in the woodwind family.  She is available for Masterclasses and Clinics to help improve your band/orchestra program and increase the quality of music-making for your students!

Studio Policy

Frabutt Flute Studio Studio Policy
Danielle M. Frabutt

Contact Information
Phone: 330-519-3187

Educational Background
-Master of Music, Concentration Flute Performance, University of New
Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. May 2010.
-Bachelor of Music. Magna cum Laude, Concentration Flute Performance. Youngstown State University, Youngstown Ohio. December 2007.

Performance Background
Danielle has performed with numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles. Including:

-Altura Winds
-New Mexico Philharmonic
-Liz Madden -Irish Folk Singer/Songwriter
-Quintessence Choral Artists of the Southwest
-Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra
-Santa Fe Symphony
-Figueroa Project
-American Wind Symphony Orchestra

Teaching Experience  

Danielle has 12 years of private teaching experience and has had over 70 students in that time span. She is very proud of her many students who have participated in All State, both in Albuquerque and Ohio, and those who participate in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Programs.

Private Studio, 2008-Present, Albuquerque, NM
Private Studio, 2003-2008, Youngstown, Ohio
University of NM, Graduate/Teaching Assistant, 2008-2010, Albuquerque, NM
Valencia H.S., 6-week All-State Audition Prep Instructor, 2009-present, Valencia, NM
Various High School Marching Band Camps throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania
Various High School and Middle School Clinics throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and NM

Teacher’s Responsibilities and Objectives

-(1) half hour or (1) hour lesson per week (4 per month).
-Punctual start and ending to each lesson
-Provide an education of flute studies and musical theory
-An organized and professional relationship with students and parents
-Available contact to student and parents throughout the week

Student Responsibilities and Objectives

-Come to each lesson with the assigned lesson well prepared
-Practice, Practice, Practice!  Students should practice their lesson materials everyday. Middle school and beginning students should practice at least 30 minutes a day, while high school and adult students should practice 60 minutes a day.
-Arrive to each lesson at the agreed assigned time
-Keep instrument in good working order. Instruments should be swabbed out at the end of every practice session, rehearsal and lesson. Please do not eat or drink sugary beverages before playing your instrument. You have invested in a quality instrument and the better care you take of it, the longer it will last!

Parent’s Responsibilities
-Insure the student’s transportation to and from weekly lessons
-Encourage and Support the student to practice EVERY DAY!
-Encourage and Support student’s musical growth.

Financial Policy
 –Lesson fee will be $30 for each half hour lesson, $40 for each 45 minute lesson & $50 for each hour lesson. Special payment discounts available each month
-Payments will be made at the beginning of the month for the current month *
-Extended failure to pay will result in termination of private instruction

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy
-Weekly Lesson times will be assigned each semester and posted on the Studio Calendar, through, by student name. **
-Students and Parents will be given a temporary username and password to use If the student needs to reschedule they will need to submit a request for cancellation and reschedule during available times on the calendar.
-Cancellations made by the student 24 hours prior to assigned time will be made up within the following week at no extra cost.
-Cancellations made by the student within 24 hours of the lesson will NOT be made up with no refund of money
-Cancellation made by the teacher will be made up within the following week with no extra cost.
-If the teacher has a conflicting commitment she knows of in the beginning of the lesson month, she will let the student know and find a time to make up the lesson within the month at the convenience of the student.  If an agreeable time can’t be reached the fee for the month will then be adjusted.

Music Teachers Helper
Starting in the Fall of 2013, Danielle has utilized the website:, where students and parents have the ability to log-in and access their financial records, schedule and lesson progress. Every student and parent will be given a temporary log-in and password at the start of their lessons.

Group/Studio Lessons
During the Fall and Spring Semesters, Danielle provides a monthly group lesson for middle and high school level students. This lessons are an important supplement to the private instruction and school ensembles. Each meeting allows students to develop musicianship and studio community and pride. Students will have the opportunity to perform for their peers, discuss musical elements and learn chamber flute music. The cost for studio members to group lessons is $10 for and hour and half. Attached to this will be the group lesson form, please return with the Policy!

*Other need-based payment option can be discussed
**Other need-based scheduling options can be discussed


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