The Power of Positive

I have to be honest, the last 7 days of my life have been a whirlwind of up and down emotions. The best moments included seeing my cousin while she was here visiting friends and sharing my house with one of my best friends. One of the nights included MPE cooking an amazing meal. TheContinue reading “The Power of Positive”

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, I guess I should say happy day after Valentine’s Day and happy Presidents’ Day! I was really hoping to update yesterday on our weekend and the first 5K that I have run in quite some time. However, that 5K are really kicked me while I was down so today it is. Continue reading “Love is in the air”

Performance reflections on Traditional Ceremonies

Yesterday I had the opportunity of performing at a Funeral-Memorial Service at French Funeral homes in Rio Rancho, NM. This opportunity has been presented to me through a series of networking moments and is shared with my best friend of many years, Therese. This was our 4th funeral since July. I consider this opportunity an honorContinue reading “Performance reflections on Traditional Ceremonies”

Day 29 – 1 to go

I’m going to start with the stats, because I feel like that is really what everyone wants to know: -8lbs in 4 weeks -3″ from the belly/core (with 3 different measurements) -3.5″ from various measurements throughout the body increased energy better sleep clarity in my mind positive energy over negative energy approaching everyday stressors withContinue reading “Day 29 – 1 to go”

Day 15 -15 to go

Halfway there!! And I survived not being at my home for 4 days. Friday thru Saturday I was up at Hummingbird music camp mixing my shakes and teaching for 15 hours. Then Sunday till today MPE and I went on a mini-vacation in Truth or Consequences, NM. We stayed at Blackstone Hotsprings where we hadContinue reading “Day 15 -15 to go”

That one student…That one teacher!

As a private flute instructor, I’ve taught over 80 students in my short 12 years. I started fresh out of high school as I pursued my degree. Add in classes, clinics, ensembles and more, and I’m probably well over 200. That’s quite a stretch of personal human interaction and stimulation I get to have daily. AtContinue reading “That one student…That one teacher!”

Day 3 -27 to go

 I went to bed last night full of energy from the training session I had with my Executive Area Manager with Arbonne. I met Mari yesterday and her energy is absolutely infectious so when I went to bed last night feeling great, I thought it had to have been the adrenaline. I believed the awfulContinue reading “Day 3 -27 to go”

Carrizozo Music Presents the Altura Winds

I love performing Chamber Music. This will ring true in my heart for as long as I live. There is something special about sharing the stage with friends and family that cannot be found in the spotlight.  Believe me, I am a spotlight performer, too! The Pops Music series in Carrizozo, NM, formerly known asContinue reading “Carrizozo Music Presents the Altura Winds”

Liz Madden, Art in the Afternoon at the Albuquerque Museum

This is a little later than I would have liked to post something in regards to this performance, but has constantly been on my mind. As I’m trying to write more about the experiences I have in performing with some of the finest musicians in the world (literally), I finally get to write about theContinue reading “Liz Madden, Art in the Afternoon at the Albuquerque Museum”