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The Power of Positive — February 24, 2016

The Power of Positive

I have to be honest, the last 7 days of my life have been a whirlwind of up and down emotions. The best moments included seeing my cousin while she was here visiting friends and sharing my house with one of my best friends. One of the nights included MPE cooking an amazing meal.

The last couple days have been one relentless beating of life challenges after another. Today, I about cried 3 different times and the tears rolled down my face at least twice. Yes, I am a very sensitive female, yes the moon is full, yes I want everyone to just get along, and yes, even at 30, I want to feel love, value, and appreciation and seek it in the validation of others.  I am human and I love myself and 90% of the time I am kicking butt at moving forward, but some days I just want a hug.

I’ve been pushing for positive interactions at YMI (Young Musician Initiative) and helping kids recognize how to be nicer to each other.  I am also trying to emulate this for them. Knowing that I have had a bad day but I take a moment to tell a kid that I love their sparkly sweater or shoes, or their noticing their haircut connects me with them. It also makes leading them in music that much better. It also makes them want to talk to me and trust me and that above all is priceless.

In order to keep our number up in the spring time, I’ve offered to have a YMI Run for the Zoo training program. It started at the school, without warning on Monday, so we started on Tuesday and really ran our first mile today. We have about 15 min (give or take a few on any given day) to get our run in 4 days a week. Knowing that good rehearsals lead to early recess mean we may have more time to get more miles in. It is definitely a great accountability moment when (8) 3-5th graders know you are training for a marathon while helping them train for a 5k!

I am also taking a few kids to the ABQ Flute Fiesta . They had to submit an essay to me about WHY they want to go. An essay for some elementary school kids includes lines like:

“Playing the flute makes me really happy”

” I want to meet other people who enjoy playing the flute as much as I do”

“My flute teacher’s name is Ms. Danielle and she’s nice and sweet.”

“I want to be better at my flute and play my solo”

These moments melt my heart and are exactly what I need for days like these.

My night of teaching ended with a rehearsal of a freshman and her pianist (a junior) on the Presto section of Enesco’s Cantabile et Presto.  First rehearsal can be rough, but these two ladies capped my night of with a smile. I could not believe how prepared they both were. They made piecing together moments that can be quite disastrous painless and I LEARNED from them.

Thank the universe for the harmonious creation we get to experience. While dodging stress on our little ball of a planet, the moments that matter most are the ones we share in kindness and love.

1st long run 1st week down, 17 to go ;) — February 7, 2016

1st long run 1st week down, 17 to go ;)

Did you miss it? I’m training for the Rock n’ Roll San Diego Marathon on June 5th, 2016. I can’t believe it, but let’s blame it on the 30 Day Program and how it made me feel so GREAT and feel as though I could do ANYTHING. This will be my 2nd Marathon, after I pulled out of the Pro Football HOF, last year (I needed to mentally heal and spend my focus there).

Today was my first long run – 6 miles.  End of week 18 so there are 17 to go. I love COUNTDOWNS! Crossing off days, crossing of goals as accomplished, and crossing off miles feel so good.

As you saw, my Arbonne Phytosport line showed up this week. Today was the “big day” to really try it correctly. I had the Pre-workout about 30 min before I left for the run. I put the During Workout Hydration in my water bottle, and then the Recovery in my shake.  I made MPE try a sip of the Pre-workout and he really liked the flavor. I’ve never taken anything pre-workout but I do feel like it helps! I was most impressed by the during workout hydration. When I got home I told MPE – it tastes exactly like how gatorade SHOULD taste.  Let me elaborate:

My first Marathon, I had a coach/trainer and it was great. He told me during the marathon to not drink water but walk through each water station and drink the gatorade. While I don’t have digestive issues with Gatorade like some people, I typically do not like drinking Gatorade. In fact I don’t drink ANYTHING with artificial flavors or most importantly DYES. I avoid dyes the most (and high fructose corn syrup…I HATE THEM BOTH). Ultimately, I can taste dyes in “food” that has them, even though they are “flavorless” and I HATE IT. I hate knowing what they can do to your insides. If you don’t know, look it up and STOP eating ingesting them!

During that Marathon, I did what he said even though I didn’t want to. I struggle with hydration and overheating and it seemed like I should really listen to him. While I was on this short long run, I walked every 10 min and took a gulp of the drink. I could taste the proper “‘iums” as I like to call them. I loved it. I felt like it was VERY helpful.  I may be carrying my own hydration this marathon through, but I’m happy to do it because I KNOW that all the ingredients in this product is HELPFUL and not harming me longterm.

I also did enjoy the post-workout recovery in my shake. I could definitely taste the flavor! When I listened to the information on the Phytosport line (during a run earlier this week), I learned about the ingredients and how each product was supposed to be helpful. Recovery is really about helping your muscles recover properly. Most of my runs (throughout the last few years) start by ascending east toward the mountain. Getting some climbing in and then descending back down to where I live. Today was very much the same. Granted, I have been going to the gym lately, but I have not run 6 miles in a VERY long time.  My legs are NOT sore. So I guess the recovery is working 😉


Do you want more information on this line? Send me a message, I’d be happy to send you more information, tell you more about how I feel, and help you give it a try!

Two photos of the beautiful day we had here in Albuquerque! This path is so much fun to run up to our mountain! ❤

No More Program… — February 3, 2016

No More Program…

Well here we are 30 days done and over with, but you better believe I’ve got some plans on the horizon and I’m VERY excited.

I started my 18 week “easy” marathon training plan this week. I am running Monday, Thursday, Friday, & Sunday. I know this is a bit of an unorthodox plan, but due to my schedule it gives me some freedom to move somethings around. Wednesdays are my extremely busy days (8:15 – 8:30 at least) so I decided I needed a rest day there. Saturday is a choice day (swim/rest, etc), and Sundays are the long run days.  I’m hoping for my hiking and being outdoors, although today really made me glad I have the gym membership as it was so cold all day.

Oooh… you need to see what arrived:

This is Arbonne’s Phytosport line. It has a pre-workout, during workout hydration, and post-workout recovery. Being that as the heat ramps up I tend to not absorb water well and need the electrolytes, and that  I am training this race as a vegan/vegetarian for the first time, I am looking forward to using these products and having them help me. The last marathon I ran I was eating much more meat or dairy protein than I would have liked, but now I feel like I know what I’m doing with my protein intake and am confident in my judgements!

I also got my bag of Chocolate protein to get me through this month and the next few weeks!