Day 3 -27 to go

 I went to bed last night full of energy from the training session I had with my Executive Area Manager with Arbonne. I met Mari yesterday and her energy is absolutely infectious so when I went to bed last night feeling great, I thought it had to have been the adrenaline. I believed the awful way I felt in the beginning of day two would most certainly come back today. I waited. It didn’t. That was a wonderful surprise. In fact I had a lot of energy, almost to the unfocusable limit.  I met with a group of us doing the 30day cleanse in the morning. Pretty much all of us felt awful yesterday but today seemed to be doing better. I will chalk it up to the fact that I cold-turkey cut the caffeine out. 

Another thing that happened today, was the fact that I didn’t feel as hungry. I didn’t feel depleted and defeated. I actually felt like I was consuming too often but in fact when I looked, hours had gone by in between. 
I do need to tell you about our dinner…. We had enchiladas. I mean we made some modifications to the recipe included in the week 1 vegan recipe BUT we had spinach, black bean, zucchini tamales and man they were delicious. The sauce I made had a lot of spice and my lips are still on fire.  

One of the best perks of this detox/cleanse is the support system. Not only do you get the products from Arbonne but you join a group of people participating, they send you a shopping list and meal plan for the week. They share shake recipes if you want to try them. I am obsessed with the recipes and shopping list because someone else did the thinking for me, and sometimes I really need that. I’ve got a lot going on in my life and with a little prepping I’ve been able to make 2 amazing dinners this week. 1 with enough soup for days!  

What a wonderful way to get over the hump of the week! 


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