Day 15 -15 to go

Halfway there!! And I survived not being at my home for 4 days. Friday thru Saturday I was up at Hummingbird music camp mixing my shakes and teaching for 15 hours. Then Sunday till today MPE and I went on a mini-vacation in Truth or Consequences, NM. We stayed at Blackstone Hotsprings where we had a hotspring tub in our room. It was definitely worth it even if it was brief. We spent an hour in the “wet room” which had a steam room (heat and water provided by a hotspring waterfall) and a 4′ tub with waterfall. I think we spent 70% of our time in water and drinking water. 

I survived my shakes on the road and bringing food with me! Would it have been nice to have champagne with our berry-dessert?  Yes, yes it would have been, but I am totally committed to doing this right.  

Today started week 3, which means 2 things -there are only 2 weeks left (or one after this one ha!) and I started the 7-day cleanse portion. I made the cleanse as we prepared to check-out (very sadly) and drive around New Mexico. You add the cleanse to about 32oz of water and I was expecting it to not taste too great. I was definitely surprised when it wasn’t awful to down. I downed it probably more slowly than I will over the week since we were driving in the middle of nowhere to towns that had population averages of 13 people 🙂  We also took a drive on a dirt road around 60milee long through some of the most beautiful New Mexico scenery you could imagine! 
I completed all my workouts for the week and feel overall energetic and in a positive mindset. I am looking forward to starting YMI (young musician initiative) this week and making some pretty big strides in my life! 

Kryptonite from our superman room


The hanging tree in the middle of Chloride,NM population: 11


Dirt road home

Stopping at the Very Large Array our way back home 


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