Day 29 – 1 to go

Healthy .... happy

I’m going to start with the stats, because I feel like that is really what everyone wants to know:

  • -8lbs in 4 weeks
  • -3″ from the belly/core (with 3 different measurements)
  • -3.5″ from various measurements throughout the body
  • increased energy
  • better sleep
  • clarity in my mind
  • positive energy over negative energy
  • approaching everyday stressors with positive energy and outlook
  • motivation
  • we saved double the amount of the program this month on groceries and food (by not going out to eat, getting a coffee or quick lunch out, etc).

AND, to celebrate the end of my first 30 day challenge – I signed up to run the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon. Training started TODAY.

As I’ve said before, I didn’t go into this with the goal of quick loss of lbs. My general philosophy is that good change takes time, and I was ready to get going with establishing my health goals more solidly.  The results are phenomenal not only physically, BUT mentally and emotionally. I want to talk about that a bit more, so this is about to get personal.

I have had some battles with my mind throughout my life. I have had some battles with depression with the latest one being the last couple of years. The first diagnosis was when I was a teenager but I’ve always worked really hard to maintain this and not take medications to treat it but look for long term healthy answers. Needless to say after a decade or more of really great work, one event really spiraled me down.  I’ve been in therapy working through a lot of this, therapy has been wonderful, but through that process I decided to take a step back from running. I was not finding the enjoyment or help in running that I used to, and I found that running was a huge trigger point to a lot of my inner battles. So I stopped and focused on building my inner strength. Then, Arbonne and 30 days to Healthy Living entered my life.

When I signed on, it had been a good 10 years since I had done a detox like program. I believe in the reset of your insides to really power you through some life moments. I went for it, jumped right in, and here I am at the other end raving about how great it made me feel. Those inner battles have dwindled down to petty spats that I can typically work through pretty quickly. I have goals, I have motivation, and I am dreaming.  This is what the detox benefit was for me: the ability to fight my inner battles with a clear mind and really hold onto my identity of being a lover and a fighter, a runner and a musician, and a supporter of all things beautiful.

I am definitely looking to build my February 15th, 2016 30 Day to Healthy Living team! I would LOVE if you would join me! Message me for more details!

30 day breakdown


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